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With all the politics….

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With all the craziness surrounding the Presidential Election this week, it makes for a prime moment to stop and reflect about something that we probably don’t think about enough.  And that’s “Liberty”.  For those on a quest in this life to “be great” at something, whether that’s a wrestler, or a student, or a professional, there is a different mindset with those who achieve “greatness” and for those who settle on “middle-class”.  We often quote author, Steve Siebold.   His book the “177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class”, is our “go to book” in our own house.    In his book he has a section in it titled, “The World Class Loves Liberty”, and its worth mentioning.

Steve talks in this section about how,

While the middle class may take their liberties for granted, the world class sees it as one of their greatest assets.  Liberty: the right to act, believe or express yourself in a manner of your choosing.  The great ones know their opportunity to become great begins with the freedom to choose and create their own destiny.   The middle class consciousness doesn’t hold liberty in such high regard, because they don’t believe they have much to lose.   They are unaware that their liberty, combined with their ability to upgrade their programming, has the potential to catapult them into world class.   As a result they remain mentally bound to mediocrity.

So ask yourself, “am I taking full advantage of the liberty that is yours”?    Each one of us, on our quest for greatness has that to consider.   If you want to be great at the sport of wrestling, don’t have a mediocre mindset.  As Steve Siebold points out, “The middle class are searching the world for gold, not recognizing it is right in their own backyard.”    So be different, choose your destiny, pay your dues, do the work, and stop looking all over for the “better solution”.  The difference between being mediocre and great begins and ends with you!

Liberty means responsibility.  That is why most men dread it”  -George Bernard Shaw

July 31-August 2 2017


Quest School of Wrestling is pleased to announce the return of our “Invitational Clinic”.
This camp is intended for all ages, however, it is definitely for the more advanced wrestler! Additional details are below regarding the format of this camp.  And the link to register you will find above!

We have put together a staff of coaches that we are very proud to present. We know from experience, that these gentlemen are not just  great on the mat but also have the ability to teach their techniques with great success. It is our hope to give the wrestlers an opportunity to work in small group settings with outstanding coaches.

Confirmed Clinicians are below:


Nate Carr 3 time NCAA Champion World Cup Champion US Open 
Kenny Monday He has won every major tournament at every level and everything in between
 Vertus Jones 3 time NCAA All-American 2 time NCAA Finalist 
Scott Collins NCAA Champion 1st Team Academic All-American 
Whitey Chlebove 2 time NCAA All-American 

Plus, we have a few others!!
The camp will be as follows:     1.5 to 2 hours of technique in the morning. This will take place in a group of no more than 10 wrestlers. After a break, wrestlers will return for a live session in which groups will combine with another group of ten wrestlers around the same weight and will be instructed by both group’s coaches. That evening wrestlers will return for another technique session like the first with a new coach.   This will be a unique learning experience for your son or daughter. I have personally observed all of this staff teach over the years and have been impressed with their ability to teach and engage the wrestlers.  The intent of this camp is that each wrestler is not just shown moves but leaving having learned the moves.  Additionally, the goal is that they are getting a chance to wrestle with new partners and learn from the voice of new coaches.

Again, we are limiting enrollment to the first 70 applicants.  The cost will be $275.00 per wrestler. Sorry, but we can’t offer a sibling discount for this opportunity.

Scheduled camp times for each wrestler, will be sent out after registration is closed and groups are put together.   Session times for each wrestler may vary an hour or two either way depending on the group wrestlers are assigned

For those wrestlers, needing overnight accommodations, please let me know when you Register.   We have a block of hotel rooms available nearby.
If you have questions please feel free to call me.

Kind regards,

Jim 412-352-3727