Best of Luck to All the Quest Wrestlers this Weekend!!

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Winning isn’t Everything, but wanting to win is “

-Vince Lombardi, 1913-1970, legendary coach, Green Bay Packers

As many of our youth wrestlers head to Pa States and some off to compete at the D1 NCAA Nationals, it seems appropriate to say a few words about determination.    Steve Siebold, Mental Toughness Coach, does a great series on the thought processes, habits and philosophies of the great ones.   In one section, he speaks about how the “World Class is Determined to Win”, and “as simple as it sounds, many times the only thing that separates winners from losers is pure determination.”     Siebold explains that the mediocre or amateurs spend more time thinking about victory, and constantly ask themselves, “is the effort I have to put into this, worth the reward of winning.”    Meanwhile, the CHAMPIONS, focus on winning and their attitude is “whatever it takes”.

Something in Siebold’s book really hits home in the sport of wrestling, because as every wrestlers knows, to train and compete in the sport there is some level of pain.     Something that truly differentiates a winner is that, when an amateurs feels pain, he  seeks to escape it, perhaps by giving up or giving in.   However, a CHAMPION expects that in order to  win, he will feel some pain, and learns to push past it.      The lesson to learn:   NOW is the time is  to dig deep and pour on the determination, push pass the pain and keep your attention on your goal.  True “Champions are the warriors in this world.   Their outstanding preparation, both mental and physical, makes them unstoppable and ferocious” out on the mat!   Go make it happen!

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