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Winning isn’t Everything, but wanting to win is “

-Vince Lombardi, 1913-1970, legendary coach, Green Bay Packers

As many of our youth wrestlers head to Pa States and some off to compete at the D1 NCAA Nationals, it seems appropriate to say a few words about determination.    Steve Siebold, Mental Toughness Coach, does a great series on the thought processes, habits and philosophies of the great ones.   In one section, he speaks about how the “World Class is Determined to Win”, and “as simple as it sounds, many times the only thing that separates winners from losers is pure determination.”     Siebold explains that the mediocre or amateurs spend more time thinking about victory, and constantly ask themselves, “is the effort I have to put into this, worth the reward of winning.”    Meanwhile, the CHAMPIONS, focus on winning and their attitude is “whatever it takes”.

Something in Siebold’s book really hits home in the sport of wrestling, because as every wrestlers knows, to train and compete in the sport there is some level of pain.     Something that truly differentiates a winner is that, when an amateurs feels pain, he  seeks to escape it, perhaps by giving up or giving in.   However, a CHAMPION expects that in order to  win, he will feel some pain, and learns to push past it.      The lesson to learn:   NOW is the time is  to dig deep and pour on the determination, push pass the pain and keep your attention on your goal.  True “Champions are the warriors in this world.   Their outstanding preparation, both mental and physical, makes them unstoppable and ferocious” out on the mat!   Go make it happen!

Keep up to date here on the competition in Harrisburg this weekend for the PJW States:   Live PJW Coverage       Here is the link for the PJW Brackets:   PJW Championship Brackets-2014

You can watch the Live Coverage and keep up to date on whats going on in Oklahoma City here:   NCAA Wrestling Championships 2014

The brackets for the 2014 NCAA Wrestling Championships being held in Oklahoma City will be announced on 3/12/14.    The announcements will happen throughout the day and will start at 1 p.m. EST.   The announcements will be on, and will continue throughout the day.    Qualifiers are announced in alphabetical order, and they will start at 1pm EST with the heavyweights.   They will continue through the weight classes, and announce a new one at each half hour.   (197 lbs at 1:30; 184 at 2pm, 174 at 2:30pm, 165 at 3:00pm, 157 at 3:30pm, 150 at 4:00pm, 141 at 4:30pm, 133 at 5:00pm and 125 at 5:30pm)
At 6pm EST, the day will conclude with the NCAA Wrestling Selection Show on, where the seeds and brackets will be unveiled for each weight class.  During the Selection Show, details on the championship match order for Session VI on Saturday night will be revealed.
Immediately following the show, a full release and brackets will be posted

You have to dream hard, wish big and chase after your goals.
Because no one is going to do it for you.

The 2014 NCAA Wrestling Championships will be held at the Chesapeake Energy Arena in downtown Oklahoma City from March 20-22. Tickets may be purchased on

Reminders to all Quest School of Wrestling Members:

Starting today, Monday March 10th, 2014 there will be NO PARENTS allowed in the gym.   Coach Akerly is in the final weeks of getting all the wrestlers prepared for Areas and States.   His goal is to minimize distractions and disruptions, and allow the wrestlers to focus on the drilling and teaching.     

Congratulations to all the Quest Wrestlers who placed at states this month!

If you are one of our wrestlers who placed at either at the PJW Junior High States or at the PIAA States in Hershey, please email Coach Akerly.    He is planning a medal night!!!!    Again, special accolades go out to the Macri and Chishko Families on their incredible accomplishment:    Two Weekends and Four Champions!

D1 Conference Championships

This past weekend held the qualifying tournaments for D1 wrestlers to earn automatic bids to the 2014 NCAA Wrestling National Championships.   Several Quest Wrestlers got their tickets punched!     There are still 40 spots waiting to be filled, several at each weight class, allowing 33 D1 Wrestlers to compete in a weight class.   The NCAA Committee announces their selections for these last 40 spots on 3/12-stay tuned and keep your fingers crossed that a few more Questers get a ticket to Oklahoma City on March 20-22!     Keep up to date on whats going on in college wrestling at:  NCAA Championship Wrestling Information

For those of you looking for information on the Dapper Dan Classic.    See below from the blog by Joe Tuscano.  


Wrestling Classic


Dalton Macri and Solomon Chishko, fresh from state championships in Hershey over the weekend, were selected for the Pennsylvania Team for Sunday’s Pittsburgh’s Wrestling CLassic.
Teammate Brendan Price made the WPIAL team at 113. Ty Buckiso (138) of Peters Township, Grant Fetchet (145) of South Fayette and Jake Temple (220) of Avella also made the WPIAL team.
Chishko will wrestle at 138 and Macri at 120. (The Classic gives 7 pounds).
Jason Nolf of Kittanning, a three-time state champ, will wrestle at 145 for the Pa. Team.
Chance Marsteller, an undefeated four-time champion, pulled out of the tournament because of a back injury.

Pennsylvania vs. United Sattes, 6 p.m.

WPIAL vs. Oklahoma, 4 p.m.
Pennsylvania Team
113-Ethan Lizak, Parkland, 164-18, 2X
120-Dalton Macri, Canon-McMillan, 133-15, 1X
126-Zeke Moisey, Bethlehem Catholic, 141-14, 1X
132-Ian Brown, Hanover, 159-12, 1X
138-Solomon Chishko, Canon-McMillan, 132-8, 2X
145-Jason Nolf, Kittanning, 176-1, 3X
152-T.C. Warner, Cumberland Valley, 146-18, 1X
160-Garrett Peppelman, Central Dauphin, 185-15, 2X

170-Steve Loiseau, Lancaster Catholic, 154-26, 1X

182-Zach Zavatsky, Latrobe, 166-18, 1X
195-Tristan Sponseller, Bermudian Springs183-12, 1X
220-Michael Boykin Coatesville, 142-14, 1X
Hvy-Thomas Haines, Solanco, 174-5, 4X
Combined: 2,055-176, 21 titles

United States

113-Brian Rossi, Lockport, Ill., 158-17, 1X
120-Nathan Boston, Woodford County, Ky., 204-1, 3X
126-Steve Micic, Hanover Central, Ind., 182-5, 3X
132-Josh Albers, Dakota, Ill., 182-0, 4X
138-Joe McKenna, Blair Academy, N.J., 154-7, 3X
145-Tyler Berger, Crook County, Ore., 198-3, 4X
152-Bryce Brill, Mount Carmel, Ill., 182-5, 3X
160-Ryan Blees, Bismarck, N.D., 190-5, 4X
170-Bo Nickal, Allen, Texas. 179-7, 3X
182-Joel Dixon, Edmon North, Okla., 126-13, 2X
195-Chip Ness, Buford, Ga., 168-1, 4X
220-Kyle Snyder, Good Counsel, Md., 179-0, 3X
Hvy-Nick Nevills, Clovis, Calif., 200-5, 3X
Combined: 2,302-69, 40 titles


113-Brendan Price, Canon-McMillan, 112-24
120-Brendan Hasson, Belle Vernon, 121-43
126-Dom Forys, North Allegheny, 163-22
132-Tyler Smith, Franklin Regional, 158-21
138-Ty Buckiso, Peters Township, 133-27
145-Grant Fetchet, South Fayette, 141-42
152-Steven Edwards, Burrell, 142-37, 1X
160-Jonathan Avon, North Hills, 123-31
170-Kyle Coniker, Pgh. Central Catholic, 89-22, 1X
182-Terrell Fields, Valley, 135-42, 1X
195-Cole Macek, Montour, 137-26, 1X
220-Jake Temple, Avella, 146-17, 2X
Hvy-Shane Kuhn, Kiski, 146-20, 2X
Combined: 1,717-375, 8 titles

Oklahoma Team

113-Braden Bennett, Locust Grove, 72-39
120-Jacob Findley, Collinsville, 89-31
126-Cub Yeager, Locust Grove, 128-14, 3X
132-Justin Fletcher, Bixby, 122-44
138-Will Steltzlen, Collinsville, 126-33, 4X
145-Jonce Blaylock, Berryhill, 128-7, 2X
152-Dakota Head, Tuttle Tuttle 126-24, 2X
160-Jacobe Smith, Muskogee, 109-10, 1X
170-Chandler Rogers, Stillwater, 178-6, 4X
182-Lance Dixon, Edmond North, 127-12, 2X
195-Derek White, Edmond North, 127-10, 2X
220-Andrew Dixon, Edmond North, 140-15, 2X
Hvy-Trey Loveall, Locust Grove, 92-26
Combined: 1,564-271, 22 titles